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Roof Alterations: The Benefits and How They Can Save You Money

When is the right time to change the roof? Whether you are in need of a total roof repair or you just want to add beauty or safety features, roof alterations in spring or fall can be a breeze. There is no need to spend a lot of money and the improvements you make can give you additional pride in your home or business, as well as adding value to its worth.

When you're ready to get started, here are a few changes you might want to consider.  It will be best to keep the dormers small, with dormer exterior materials matching the windows and for uniformity, you may want to consider at least two dormers for a balanced outside visual appearance of the home. If extending the stairs to the roof is complicated or make you feel a little shaky, consider adding a roof hatch or a roof opening frame depending on the design and size of your roof.

You can choose from aluminium or galvanized steel. Hatch styles available are standard, stairway, equipment, louvred and plastic domed.  Make sure to seal around the hatch well, indoors and out, and periodically check for leakage to prevent roof or interior damage.


A solar installation is a great option for roof alteration. With the cost of solar installation decreasing and the benefits of this alternative energy source increasing along with the viable option to sell unused energy to a local electric company, now is a great time to take advantage of this enhancing roof alteration.

Even leasing a solar installation can save money, if you're in an area where there is enough sunlight exposure. Do it yourself solar installation is easier than ever, but if the choice is not for you, let the experts do the work and guarantee jobs.