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Reasons for Using Granite Countertop in Austin

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. After all, not only is it where you prepare and eat your meals together, but it is often the primary room for entertaining or simply just hanging out.

The kitchen is often the place where the kids do their homework or where those fantastic science projects are constructed or maybe where you enjoy a family game night while munching on bowls of buttery hot popcorn.

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Granite Kitchen Countertop

Yes, the kitchen is definitely one of the most used rooms in your home! Of course, that means that it is often the room that needs to be clean more and the one that you always want to look it best.

With that in mind, many people are looking for ways to make their kitchen look great while not having to spend large amounts of time or money.

In the search, there will be many choices ranging from laminates that look like antiquated tiles to limestone and a vast array of granite countertops. And while these are all beautiful options, many of these countertop upgrades mean taking apart your kitchen (or bathroom) countertops and enduring several days of workmen in and out of your home.

But… what if you could have the beauty of granite countertops without the disruptions of your home and schedule? This would certainly make your kitchen countertop upgrade much more attractive. Today, the choices for granite are amazing, but perhaps one of the secrets is that you can choose to have granite countertops overlays that are just as beautiful as "traditional" granite countertops. Consider these reasons for using granite countertop overlays.

  1. To have granite overlays installed is typically only a 2-3 day procedure, with the first day being used to take measurements of the existing countertops. The next time you will see the installation crew is when the completed countertops are built and ready to be installed over your existing countertops.
  2. The cost for granite countertop overlays is considerably less than the cost of solid granite countertops.
  3. The granite countertops are just as durable and beautiful as solid granite as it is really granite.