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Micro-Range Wireless Charger Design

Radio technology for communication has been popular for nearly a century in the world. From the original radio and wireless telegraphy to today's satellite and microwave communications, and spread to almost every global mobile personal communications, wireless network, GPS, and so on.

Wireless communication products have greatly changed people's production and life, without the existence of wireless communications, the information society goal is not proposed.  You can buy wireless gadgets according to your need from kewlabstech.

However, wireless communication of information transmission is weak, rather than larger power/energy. So many extremely easy to use portable mobile products, power must be connected from time to time to recharge, and thus had to leave all kinds of jacks and cables.

It is difficult to achieve a waterproof seal process, and this makes the individual cables of different products is difficult to general-purpose chargers. If you completely remove the tail, the mobile terminal equipment can be truly free. Also easy to implement and waterproof seal. This goal must require the same energy, as wireless transmission of information.

Energy transfer and signal transmission requirements are clearly different, which requires the contents of a true and complete, not required efficiency, while the former requires the power and efficiency.

Although the idea of wireless transmission of energy has long been, because the efficiency has been unable to break through this bottleneck, it has been unable to enter the practical field.

Although in recent years, there will always Electronics Show new wireless products available, the bottleneck is still no real breakthrough. However, if the transmission distance is not strictly required (not with the wireless communication ratio), such as in a few cm (paper called macro) within its transmission efficiency is very easy to satisfy.