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Guide To Removing Gum Stains From Carpet

There’s nothing quite like discovering a glorious gum stain on your freshly cleaned carpet, is there? With the hustle and bustle of daily life, there’s no telling when a gum stain will cross your path. But when it does, don’t panic! 

Read this handy guide that will help you in removing gum from the carpet

remove gum from carpet

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Like most stains, when you try to remove gum from the carpet, your best bet is to do so as soon as possible. The longer the gum stain sits in your carpet, the harder it may be to remove 

Give this do-it-yourself method a shot the next time you’re wondering how to get gum out of carpet:

  • Place a few handfuls of ice in a zip lock bag.

  • Put the bag of ice directly onto the gum stain. This will harden the gum so it’s easier to remove gum from the carpet.

  • Use a scraping tool to fully scrape the gum from the carpet.

  • Sponge the gum stain directly with cleaning fluid such as 409.

  • Cover the gum stain with a clean white towel or rag to soak up any remaining liquid and continue patting dry.  

So the next time you encounter a sticky situation, remember that Coit offers three simple ways to answer the question of how to remove gum from the carpet.