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Endometriosis Treatments: What are the Best Options For Endometriosis Therapy?

There is no cure currently for endometriosis. However, there are many treatments for endometriosis women can try to improve their quality of life and reduce the pain and discomfort that they experience. Endometriosis’s main complication is infertility. Many women who desire to have children choose to address this symptom first. Endometriosis is a common condition in women.

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It affects between one-third and half of those who are having difficulty getting pregnant. Laparoscopies, which are performed to remove the growths of women with mild or moderate endometriosis, are common. There are other options, such as in-vitro fertilization and clomiphene.

There are many endometriosis options available for women who don't want to have children. For severe cases, prescriptions for narcotics may be necessary. NSAIDs can be used in less severe cases to reduce pain and increase menstrual flow. Hormone suppression therapy can be effective if women commit to a long-term plan. It must be used for at least a few months and it can be continued for many years. This can reduce and even eliminate menstrual flow.

A hysterectomy is one of the surgical endometriosis treatment options. The doctor will then remove the uterus from the surrounding tissue. The doctor’s scissors, lasers, and scalpels are used to remove the endometriotic tissues.

If done correctly, recurrence rates are less than 20%. Because of its high success rate, laparoscopy has become a popular way to treat endometriosis. The doctor might perform a neurectomy in extreme cases. This involves cutting the nerves of the uterus and removing the pain.