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Create Instagram Stories GIFs for your Brand

Instagram gifs are the best way to make your stories more effective and creative. GIFs are also useful for drawing attention to a particular part of an Instagram Story. There are so many types of Instagram GIFS. GIFs include call-to-action keywords like “link in bio” “swipe up” & “music”. This makes it easier to inform the audience what they should do. There is a huge selection of Gifs 

There is a huge selection of Instagram GIFs that can be added to the Instagram story. One can also create their own Instagram Story GIFs for your brand. It is a great way to increase brand awareness and create consistency with posts. You can also know about Instagram gifs via online.

 If you’re thinking of creating your own GIF Sticker for your brand follow these instructions:

  • The first thing you will need to do is create a Giphy brand channel and apply to get it verified. Once the simple sign up process is completed, you will check a message confirming that Giphy has received your application.
  • Once Giphy has approved your brand channel and you’ve created your GIFs it’s time to upload them. 
  • While making your GIF stickers keep in mind how you want your audience to use them. While adding your GIF stickers do not forget to add descriptive tags.
  • After uploading your GIFs, people will be able to search for them and access them from your profile on GIFY.