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Choosing Bathroom Vanity Sinks

It will not be a bad idea to browse through internet catalogs featuring pictures of the latest designs in bathroom sinks. Decide on two or three types to look for. You can find the best quality vanity sinks via

Bella 72" Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Carrara Marble Top - KitchenBathCollection

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If you already know what you want when you come to the store you and the sales assistants will have an easier time selecting an item.

For starters, you should know the basic types of vanity sinks: The wall mounts are the ones you see on a wall with the plumbing visible underneath. This, of course, is a public room type that won't be appropriate for enhancing your bathroom decor unless you make it look like a drop-in sink by building a cabinet around it.

Drop-in sinks are the ones that are placed into an aperture in a vanity table. The rim of the basin protrudes above the table. These are more popular for bathroom counters and tables. Kitchen sinks are also built into the counter but differently.

A console sink resembles a drop-in sink on a small table. Console sinks typically come with built-in racks for hanging towels and the table itself may be just a metal framework or may have solid sides made of wood or metal.

What you should look for in a vanity sink is a water-proof top. Whether the sink is a pedestal sink or a console sink, if it comes with a table, be sure the table is also made of porcelain or some other water-inert material.