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Choose Mirror Wardrobe For Your Home

There are two kinds of mirrors used with closets — those mounted to the outside of the closet door and mirrors used on the inside of the closet. They provide different functions. Mirrors are more commonly used on the exterior of closet doors to brighten the available light in the room and visually expand the bedroom.

Mirrors can also be used inside the closet, however. Depending on the size and location, they can provide everything from a convenient place to put on earrings, a way to check your clothes before heading out, to a full 3-way mirror experience like those provided by high-end clothing stores. Mirror closets brighten and visually expand what is usually a small, dark space crammed with clothing and accessories making the closet feel lighter and more open.

Homeowners prefer bright, well-organized closets in the master bedroom. After all, they give the impression that the home has ample storage space — something everyone wants. There has never been anyone who said they wished their home had less room for storing things.

 When it comes to mirrors, no one likes a house that is too dark or dingy. Very few if any complaints that a home is too bright and cheerful. Try adding a mirror to your closet to brighten the space, visually increase its size, and add convenience. Combine it with a complete custom closet re-design to increase your marketability at resale.