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Assistive Technology For People With Disabilities

If you are in a wheelchair, a very long flight of stairs becomes a challenge. It has the potential to reduce discomfort for people with disabilities — by eliminating barriers to use by building wheelchair ramps. Although ramps are not an innovation, many technologies can be used to help the disabled.

Assistive technologies are modern technology programs that make it easier for individuals with disabilities to live their own lives independently and with confidence. Since that time several laws have been passed to increase the use of assistive technology and encourage their development. If you are looking for a pelican pool hoist then you can visit

Assistive Technology For People With Disabilities

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There were several earlier applications of assistive techniques for individuals with hearing difficulties. For years now, telecommunications companies have been required to supply strategies that convert between speech and text for the hearing, such as teletex and closed captioning.

These programs were implemented before the development of effective computer-based text-to-speech, so they were completed by individuals trained to listen and watch in real-time.

With the support of screen readers and similar technologies, individuals with visual impairments can use the World Wide Web almost exclusively, such as someone without visual impairment. This has allowed the visually impaired to access this abundance of accessible information online.

In addition to technology for hearing- and – visually impaired, a variety of differently-abled persons also benefit from technology. Mobility engineering and durable medical equipment independently enable individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy for almost anything — which may have been impossible long ago.