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What is a checklist for an accounting audit?

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An audit plays a crucial role for stakeholders, including employees, owners, investors, and lenders. Auditors must focus on standard audit tasks; they can't focus on every quirk the audited company displays. Some auditors are likely to make audit engagement more efficient and complete if they use audit checklists.


The experts that offer forensic accounting services in Sydney understand that auditing is a hectic exercise because auditors must gather and document evidence for every function of the organization that is subject to audit. They need to analyze every document and every aspect of the balance sheet. Checklists are likely to control documents that help auditors identify procedures that they need to perform and also can be used as quick references to identify whether a company complies with a regulation or meets the criteria for control.

Financial statement checklist

The balance sheet is likely to be audited against generally accepted accounting practices, and practices outline the criteria for dealing with transactions and the amounts that must be represented in any of the financial statements.

Compliance checklists

Auditors tend to inspect companies for legal and regulatory compliance, and auditors check for accounting practices and treatments.  The company must be required to observe compliance pertaining to stock market listing, environmental protection, or employee compensations.

Quality review checklist

Audit firms are likely to be reviewed for the quality of the work they do, and for the same, they need to maintain internal quality review checklists.