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What Does It Mean When Asked For Concrete Strip Footing?

A concrete strip footing is a type of foundation where an individual foot is set into a trench that is deep enough to support the building's weight, but shallow enough that typically only about 1 inch of soil is placed over the footings. The purpose of this type of footing is to reduce the risk of settlement, which can cause instability in Foundation systems.

Concrete strip footing is a type of footing that is made up of alternating layers of coarse and fine stone. This footing is designed to offer more stability and durability than other types of footings. It is sometimes used in commercial buildings, as well as homes and churches. You can also check this out to know more about concrete strip footing.

If you're installing a concrete strip footing, you'll need to first dig down a few inches to establish the footing's depth. Next, mark the location of the footing on the ground with a flag or pieces of rebar. Then, use a shovel to fill in around the flag with layers of concrete. Once all the concrete is poured in, tamp it down using a rubber mallet.

Finally, drive wooden stakes into the footing at each corner and attach a chain or rope around each stake to hold it in place while the concrete cures. There are several types of concrete surfaces to choose from, depending on what your needs are. If you're looking for a smooth surface, you can opt for a poured-in-place concrete surface.

If you need a tougher surface, you can choose an exposed aggregate concrete surface or a stamped concrete surface.