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Understand the Typography and Font Selection

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Would you prefer the text on your promotional banners to appear attractively designer or easily readable? Well! That’s the core of selecting the right font. Although you wish to add creativity to the design, you should restrict yourself from making the text non-readable. And striking the right balance between the both is a challenge where these tips might help.

Understand Typography First: While you would hear both the terms most from graphic artists, those aren’t the only ones using them. With the basics clear, you can easily make a selection of the right font for your print project. Let’s start with the different font types available:

  • Sans Serif: Sans is a middle-English term that means without. So, the fonts under this category are those without a serif. Here, a serif is a stroke or small line at the end of a bigger line in a symbol or text.
  • Serif: Opposite of sans-serif, this class contains fonts with a serif (small decoration at the end of the letter). The fonts look like those written with an old-style fountain pen.
  • Script: These fonts mimic cursive writing with every letter in a word connected to create a look as it was written with 1 stroke.
  • Slab Serif: A combination of sans-serif and serif fonts, slab-serif fonts contain blunt and angular serifs. Their visual appearance is something coming out of an old-school typewriter.

Selecting the Right Combination of Fonts

  • Don’t use a script font for the content of the body
  • The slab serif is best for blockquotes
  • Serif font makes the content of the body easier to read
  • Subheading must be serif or script for the perfect contrast
  • Sans serif should be used for headings

In case of any confusion, check with commercial printers near me before ordering the final print.