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Tips for Creating Striking Brochures that Convert

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Brochures have been in the marketing space for a long, and they are still used. Businesses get them printed for different campaigns with the expectation of reaching out to new consumers. So, if you are looking for new customers, you should create visually appealing things that your potential customers will be instantly drawn towards. Following are the tips for creating a striking brochure that will easily grab the attention of someone.

Be Practical: While creating a brochure, you should think about your readers. Ask some questions to people who don’t belong to the department like their starting thoughts or will the brochure be effective and practical. After you get your answers, you can start working on the brochures accordingly.

Headline: First thing that your potential customers will read is your headline. Select the one that will be stand out. Use simple phrases and words like how to, easy, the secret to, etc.

Think Beyond the Box: Make sure that your brochure will be unique with a distinctive shape printed from Brisbane printers. A special shape will carry the reader’s attention to the call to action easily. A city map of your business or calendar can be a great addition.

Use Valuable Pictures: Choose pictures that best describe your product/service and covey the right message to your potential customers. Prefer using a big picture to tell your business story rather than using various smaller ones.

Use Testimonials: Using testimonials in your brochures shows the credibility of your brand and offerings.

Keep it Simple but Bold: Simple but bold means keeping essential information in a bold font allowing your readers to read it easily. You can also use bold shades like blue, orange, green, and red. Then, combine it with a simple background to make a striking contrast.