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Things To Know About Gemstones

Gemstones are also known as jewels or gems and are valuable stones used to make jewelry or ornaments. Let's first discuss why these gemstones are so colorful. It is because of daylight, which is a mixture of different colors. Light flows through materials when it is absorbed.  The rest of the light then flows through the material. 

The remaining light is equal to white light but less than the absorbed light. This makes the object or material more colorful. That is the reason why red gems are given various red gemstones titles

Ruby is made red by the absorption of the yellow, blue, and green colors in white light. Only the red part is visible, which makes it look red. 

The gem can absorb colors with the help of impurities. By using impurities such as chromium impurities, which transform beryl into emerald or pink, colorless beryl can become two-colored. Manganese impurity can be added to pink morganite.

Gemstones can be treated to enhance their color and clarity. This is done by heating the gemstone or waxing or oiling it. The gemstones can also be made more attractive by fracture filling.

Gemstone can be made from minerals, but sometimes also rocks and organic materials. Gemstones can include rocks like lapis lazuli and organic materials like amber and jet.