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The Value Of Employee Absence Management

The HR industry has greatly benefited from the introduction of new software and technology. It continues to innovate and speed up its processes to hire, process, and pool applicants.

It's also possible for small- to medium-sized businesses to make technology easier by integrating employees into their company. Effective staff holiday planner software allows you to electronically request and receive annual leave. 

Once it is entered into the system it goes straight to the supervisor or manager for approval. Either in terms of productivity or finance, sickness and leave absence can be devastating.

Here are some reasons why your absence management process should be a top priority for your company:

1. It is easy to identify trends in absence.

It can be difficult to keep track of absences for large organizations. This makes it easy for errors to be made that could affect the payroll of your employees. You can improve employee performance by tracking absence trends.

2. This will increase the productivity of your employees.

The more unplanned absences your employees take, the better productivity you can expect from them.

You can also see which employees have perfect attendance in your absence management system. These employees can be rewarded and incentivized.

3. Transparency is key to gaining the trust of your employees.

Employees can log in to an absence management system and view the payroll for their absences. If your employees decide to challenge their payroll, this will allow you to reduce complaints and provide credible data.

A self-service absence management system that empowers employees can reduce the number of emails asking 'how many holidays days have I left?', which will increase productivity for line managers, decrease the time it takes to request annual leaves, and help HR.