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Stainless Steel Bolts- U- Bolt

A U bolt is also called a U bolt clamp or U clamp, it is a threaded u shaped fastener that can hold electrical poles or other structures on the electric power line, pole line, and concrete line.

Different styles of steel U Bolts are used in different application perspectives. The different types help achieve different tasks. The U bolt is used in applications where the nuts are fastened on the same side of the surface but the bolt has to connect through different components. As well pipe hanger, celvis, stud rod and anchor bolt( which is also known as ที่แขวนท่อ, celvis, แกนสตั๊ดและสลักเกลียว in the thai language) all are crucial in industries.

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There are 304, 316 and other types of stainless steel materials used for the production. The 316 Stainless Steel Square U Bolts are formed after the threads are rolled on them. The thread rolling reshapes the bolt with threads.

304 Stainless Steel U Bolts are formed before threading, the threads might crack while rolling.Also, the newly made threads would not be stronger as the deformed surface is not formed.

They are usually threaded on each end of the shaft and can come with plates, washers, and nuts. U-bolts are typically used in building and construction applications.

In addition, stainless steel u-bolt material is known for its corrosion resistance and has varying strengths depending on the amount of chromium and nickel alloy. The chromium forms a protective layer when exposed to oxygen, keeping the steel underneath from corroding. There are over 150 grades of this material with the 304 and 316 series being the most common.