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Stabilize Your Foundation With Soil Stabilization and Concrete Lifting

Soil stabilization could be your future. If too much water seeps into the soil near your home, or if the soil has not been properly prepared for construction or adding concrete, the soil can erode. Cracks in the subfloor and leaks in your basement can occur, as can uneven sidewalks, walkways, and alleys that pose a tripping hazard. 

Progressive soil stabilization technology affects the attractiveness and security of your home. Repairing foundations and removing and replacing concrete can be very expensive, but stabilizing the soil and elevating the concrete provides an effective solution that is also inexpensive.

Expansion of soil and rain can cause erosion

When pouring concrete, whether it's for foundations, house slabs, or for sidewalks and the like, it's important to keep everything in place by building a stable base. This means that there should be less clay as the clay expands and the base moves. 

Uneven expansion causes cracking. If Mother Earth does not provide good soil in the area, a good builder will fill the soil and compact it properly to minimize displacement and improve drainage.

Even after a house is built, heavy rain that is not delivered through proper gutters, gutters, and rain caps can erode the soil and penetrate the foundation. Ideally, you can keep your foundation in good condition with good rainwater management and drainage techniques.

If you have signs of foundation damage or have raised concrete in your home, consider the benefits of soil stabilization and foam board removal.