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Should you Buy Indoor Plants or Flower Bouquets for Office?

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Are you fond of flowers? Do you love a bouquet on your reception desk? Of course, they look beautiful and appealing. But have you thought of replacing them with an indoor plant? Freshly cut flowers can impact the environment negatively based on how they are picked, transported, and stored before they reach you. On the contrary, potted plants offer other benefits.

Long Life of Potted Plants

Plants can be equally or more visually appealing than a bouquet. However, when you compare the lifespan, the former outgrows the latter by a wide gap. For example, if you buy Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers, they will start wilting in the bouquet after days. However, those on a potted plant in your office will last up to a whopping 12-week period. Moreover, after wilting the bouquet flowers will go to the dustbin, leaving the smelly and stale vase behind.

On a potted plant, even if the flowers die after months, they can grow new ones soon.

Other Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants create a healthy environment by purifying the air, reducing carbon dioxide content, and removing toxins. This is a wonderful benefit for closed offices with poor or low ventilation. Besides, by reducing stress and increasing concentration levels, they make all the people present inside (staff and visitors) feel more relaxed. They also make your space more inspiring and inviting by humidifying the air.

So, planning to get a bunch of potted plants for your office? Check out plants for hire in Melbourne to upgrade your office space with greenery.