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Professionals Needed for a Proper Boiler Inspection

State regulations and insurance companies usually specify the schedule required for boiler inspections. The type and frequency of inspections may vary. However, for safety reasons, we recommend an inspection twice a year. 

We recommend that an internal/external inspection be carried out at least once a year with the boiler turned off and inoperative, with the door open and inspection signs removed. External inspection should be carried out approximately 6 months after internal/external inspection to minimize the time between inspections. For internal/external inspections you should hire a high risk work licenses professional boiler.

At least three people are involved in the test:

  • Boiler owner or operator
  • Specialist in water treatment
  • Certified and Licensed Boiler Inspector

Everyone has a role in the review:

Inspectors must have professional training and certification. He conducts inspections and makes recommendations at the end of the inspection.

The owner/operator must notify the inspector of any work problems that have arisen since the last inspection.

The water treatment consultant or owner/operator must provide the inspector with chemical data on the water treatment carried out prior to the inspection. If required, the water purifier also performs deposit analysis and metallography during the inspection.

The owner/operator and water treatment consultant will help determine the root cause of the problem identified by the inspector. They also make the necessary adjustments in the boiler management program after inspection.

At the end of the inspection, the inspector should interview the owner/operator and, if necessary, the water treatment consultant to compare the general conditions found during the inspection with previous inspections.