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Plaster Walls – Misconceptions And Facts

Plaster walls have the same capacity and sound insulation as brick walls. Brick and plaster walls when renovating apartments are a thing of the past! Nowadays more and more people use plaster walls to redecorate a room.

Stucco walls can be made with single or double bolts. They can also be completed with one or two layers of drywall. Experts recommend using two layers of drywall and a double grid system on the walls that are widely used. There are some companies that provide the best polished plaster walls services in London.

This creates a wall with a thickness of 12 cm, which is equal to the thickness of a brick wall. In addition, plaster walls offer the possibility to create round structures. A semicircular wall with a radius of 60 cm is made of flexible panels with curved lattices.

Nevertheless, traditionalists have certain prejudices against plaster walls. The biggest thing is that plasma TVs or other heavier elements cannot be hung on this wall. To achieve normal load, plaster walls must be installed correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

And of course, there's something else that shouldn't be forgotten! If you are going to lay the walls in the kitchen or other room where moisture can appear, then it is necessary to use special moisture-resistant panels. This plate is easy to spot because it is green. In the kitchen, especially near the stove, it is recommended to use red fireproof plates.