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Paraquat Effects And Their Manufacturers

Researchers studying Parkinson's disease show that Paraquat is linked to having Parkinson's disease and have induced these changes in the laboratory. This link was almost impossible to discover by Syngenta (the maker of Paraquat) and its predecessors (Chevron, ICI, with their scientific capabilities.

Syngenta never claimed to the EPA that Paraquat could cause Parkinson's Disease. Syngenta has maintained its belief that Paraquat is not linked to Parkinson's disease. Scientific evidence suggests otherwise. 

Paraquat's warning label for the herbicide warns against its consumption, but it does not contain any warnings about Parkinson's disease and other neurological risks. Thus if you’re looking to file a lawsuit against Syngenta, browse to this website.

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A Paraquat usage map shows that it is used most frequently where you would expect. The United States has a tendency to have agriculture in flat, fertile land that is close to a water source.

The Paraquat conditions for purchase, mixing and application were significantly changed by the EPA in 2017. The rules before that however were very different. Paraquat was always a restricted-use herbicide. This meant that it could only be sold to certified applicators.

prior to 2017 was the only time anyone could mix and use Paraquat, provided they were under the supervision of a certified applicator. This means that hundreds of thousands of farmers, none of whom have training or certification, can mix and apply Paraquat for years. 

Overspray can also expose agricultural workers who didn't mix or apply Paraquat. According to medical literature, these workers were twice as likely to develop Parkinson's disease as the general population. Even if they had received training, the workers would not have been aware of the danger because Syngenta has never listed a Parkinson's disease risk in its Paraquat labeling.