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Moonstone-The Dream Stone

Moonstone is available in a variety of colors, such as milky white, brown, orange, yellow, peach, red, green, grey, and pink and blue.

Rainbow moonstone is one of the most stunning varieties of moonstone whose color range from milky white to gray and a rainbow-like shimmer that attracts attention. You can purchase a moonstone birthstone whenever required.

This shimmering stone appears different whenever the stone moves. This phenomenon is called adularescence, which is a unique play of light.

Moonstone is a rich stone historically. It has been used in jewelry for centuries. It was also a popular stone with the jewelers of Art Nouveau.

Romans believed that it was formed from the moonlight and thus was considered as sacred. It was first mined over 6000 years ago. Moonstone was also used for medicinal purposes in ancient times.

It is still considered a sacred gem. It was also considered as a stone that could help to predict the future. This stone was also believed to be connected with t Neptune and Venus during the middle ages. The moonstone was also used by travelers for protection.

Moonstone is an affordable gem. Its affordability, brilliant colors, striking appearance make this a popular one to be used in jewelry. Moonstone rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces set in gold or silver looks lovely and can add charm to any ensemble.

The vibrant and versatile jewelry accessories made of moonstone are a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Moonstone accessories should be stores separately as the stone gets scratched easily due to its soft nature. It is the alternate birthstone for people born in the month of June and an anniversary stone for the 13th wedding anniversary.