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Improving eCommerce Product Findability

Users can search for products on both shopping comparison and eCommerce sites in two ways: browsing and searching. While searching is essentially using the site search, browsing involves digging through the various categories offered by the website.

No matter which method you use, the user will be presented with a product list from which they can search for the product(s). The product listing may contain hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of products.

This can make it difficult, if not impossible, to find the product you are looking for on an eCommerce site. You can check over here to know about filtering and sorting. This can correctly improve findability.

Users can find the product they are looking for in less time from this product listing. Users who are unable to find the product they need in a short time will likely go to an online store.

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What is sorting and filtering?

Sorting allows users to change the order of product listings. They can also choose the criteria by which they would like the products to appear. Price-conscious users might choose to list products in the order they are most expensive to least expensive.

Filtering allows you to reduce the number of products listed in a product list. Filtering allows users to select the criteria that are most important to them and only view relevant products. Price-conscious users might choose to only view products below PS10, filtering out products above PS10.