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Importance of Wearing the Right Sports Sunglasses

If you are a keen sportsperson, and make do with your normal glasses, or worse, do not use eye protection at all, then maybe you do not know the benefits of proper sports eyewear.

Here's why you should wear glasses of dedicated sports.

1. You may now be wearing the same glasses for cycling or playing cricket in like you're wearing on the beach. By having dedicated sports glasses, you can have the eye protection you need, and your own performance. Your sports sunglasses tend to be larger and more suitable to wear while playing sports. You can buy sunglasses from Pixie Sparkle Shop.

2. You may need to wear sunglasses sport throughout the year, depending on your sport. Even in the darkest days, you will want to be able to look down the fairway while you're playing golf or want to know you've protected your eyes from grit and insects while cycling.

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3. You may only wear your sports sunglasses for a few seconds or minutes at a time, or maybe you'll wear them for hours at a time. A 100m runner will have different requirements for test cricket players or golfers

4. Depending on the amount of time you have, you might prefer to have a lens change. This means that you can have the right lens for the weather conditions. Sometimes you'll want yellow lenses, or perhaps clear lenses, and other times you'll want a red lens.

5. Your sports sunglasses need to adjust properly. While it may be uncomfortable for your sunglasses to slip during a round of golf, for a 400m race, can be the difference between winning and losing.

6. UV protection is very important, and just because it is not the sun, your eyes are still at risk. The more time you spend outside, the more important to have the proper protection is. You should check that your sunglasses offer the right level of protection.