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How To XRay In Gimp?

Photos with some special effects look interesting. And since such an effect is supposed to create an X-ray effect, this can be done with Gimp. To get the X-ray effect on GIMP, let's first see what GIMP is. In fact, it stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GNU is similar to the Unix operating system. You can also get more info about Xray at

Image Source Google

If you want to create X-ray effects on your photos, you need software that allows free image editing and is available for most operating systems and for everyone. The first step to getting this effect on the best photos is choosing the photo you want to affect.

Once you have a photo, you have to go to the Gimp image editor and open the image of that photo in it. When the image is placed in front of you on the screen, you can enlarge the area you want. This will create a large image which will really help you to have a clearer and larger view of the image. Therefore, the choice of destination will be simple and accurate. Then go to the toolbox and select the scissors tool and you can select the target area of the image you want the x-ray effect to apply to.

Subsequent color changes or color effects also enhance the appearance. Go to the main menu and click on the color. Multiple levels will appear in a drop-down list from which you can select the Levels tab.