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How to Use Your Pull up Bands

If you're looking to get in better shape and improve your pull-up ability, then you need to use a pull-up assistance band. Pull-up bands can be found at most sporting goods stores and are a great way to help you increase your pulling strength. Here's how to use them: 

To begin, anchor the band around a sturdy post or tree branch with the middle of the band about waist height.

Sit facing the band with feet flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Hold onto the handles on either side of the band and pull yourself up until your chin is over the top of the band.

Lower yourself back down to the starting position. Repeat. Reps: As many as you can do with good form and control. Navigate to this website if you want to buy pull up bands set.

Get that Belly Full of Protein The best way to get new muscle mass is to eat a lot of the right foods. And, when we say food, we mean all the different forms that nutritionists love to talk about: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

While it's convenient to grab a shake or bar for post-workout fuel, nothing can compare to eating whole foods as your meal plan for the day. Do you know what else will help you build muscle and burn fat? A healthy dose of protein in your diet every day.