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How To Improve Period Properties Using Garden Room Technology

Many older properties have small, dark rooms and narrow living spaces. Modern living can be achieved by converting the rear part of the house. This is subject to local planning regulations. Despite the noise and smells from kitchens, open plans are still very popular. You don't have to extend to match the existing house. 

Developers should make new extensions look fresh and use modern technology and materials to create contrast with older parts of the building. A modern extension added to the back of a traditional home creates a distinctive selling point and an attractive feature. You can get more ideas about the modern room gardens via (also known as moderne tuinkamer via in the Dutch language).  

The owner can incorporate their new designs without having to compromise the original features.

While some can be built with permitted development rights, building regulations compliance must still be observed. Most councils will approve planning permission within 12 weeks of application. If there is no side access to the rear yard, foundations must be reconstructed by hand.

Thermal performance and ventilation are crucial to comply with building regulations. It is essential to have enough insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floors. You may want to consider trickle vents or opening glazed units, heat reflective blinds, floor heating, and underfloor heating. 

You can avoid being a cowboy builder team by searching for a registered body such as the Consumer Protection Association. A separate insurer will guarantee your new build for 10 years and their warranty program will protect your deposit.