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How To Care Of Your Bamboo Plant

Bamboos are one of the most adaptable and resilient grasses. Because they require little attention and care, bamboos are very easy to grow. They can grow quickly like the grass and require little fertilizer and watering. It becomes easier to grow bamboo once it reaches its maximum mature size, which can take about ten years.

Bamboos don't require much fertilizer or watering once they are mature enough. Some bamboo species can withstand drought. When they are first planted, they will also need some shade and a windscreen. In addition to this, you can also give silica compost  if you are looking for organic fertilizer.

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Even though smaller varieties are more susceptible to sunburn, some species, such as the Fargesias and Thamnocalamus, can thrive in more sunlight. The Fargesias, Thamnocalamus and most Thamnocalamus do well in shade. 

Bamboo plants are capable of producing new canes each year. This is usually done in the spring. Some tropical species of clumping cane bamboos produce new buds later in the season. These canes will grow quickly in a matter of months. 

Each cane will grow as fast as it can for a brief period of time, then suddenly the growth stops. Each cane will continue to branch out and leaf out slower over the next few years. As the canes get bigger, they will be able to produce larger canes every year. 


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