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Guide To The Types Of Car Transport Available

Various road transportation options are available to you for trailers and trucks. Knowing the pros and cons of each vehicle will help you decide how you want to transport your own vehicle. There are two main types of trailers: open auto transport and covered auto transport.

enclosed car transport

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Types of Trailers

Open trailers: As the cheaper out of the two options, it's also the most commonly used shipping method. Your vehicle will be housed in an open-air transport trailer, which will expose it to the atmosphere, including the weather, during your journey. 

However, if you follow certain safety precautions, you can greatly reduce the chances of your car getting damaged on the road. A quality delivery service takes all necessary precautions to avoid possible damage.

Closed trailer: Although protective measures are taken to prevent damage if your vehicle is shipped with an open trailer, a closed trailer will undoubtedly provide much greater safety.

Your car is much better protected from the elements and the elements of the weather, which makes it an ideal choice if, for example, your car is very valuable. If you have an antique or luxury vehicle, this option is definitely a choice, even if it costs a little more.

Be sure to discuss with your car company which service is best for you. Car transport will work closely with you to find an option that will meet all your required and specified needs.