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Granite Countertops in Austin

Granite countertops have an appearance that's amazing. They will both grace the kitchen area with elegant splendor, and last longer compared to most other countertops. Granite is quartz and can withstand the sharpest knife or hard bumps far better than even stainless steel.

Granite is truly harder than a stainless steel knife. When properly sealed it will resist discoloration by even the work staining and acidic foods and spices.

You can hire experts for granite countertops installation In Austin, Tx.

granite installation

Pots and pans cannot be placed on most other kitchen countertop surfaces, because they can burn or scorch. Not so with granite though.

The downside to granite is the cost. It's still comparatively pricey compared to the other materials. If you're willing to pay a little more, then it can be well worth the cost for the warmth and elegance that granite adds to your kitchen.

Granite normally comes in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness, and even though the 3 cm costs quite a bit more, it makes for a stronger slab too. Your granite installer might use some methods to reinforce the thinner slabs – something that's not required for thicker slabs

Marble is a natural stone alternative to granite. But is much easier to cause chips and is stains from oils and colored contaminants like spices or juices. It must be sealed more often than granite. Marble offers a huge variation in color and natural patterns.

Whether you prefer granite or marble natural stone kitchen, keep in mind that the counter will be much heavier than other materials, and the cabinets may need to be reinforced to hold the weight. Brackets to reinforce the counter structure are usually enough reinforcing.