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Everything You Need To Know About Timber Decking Maintenance

Reapply oil or stain finishes while wood retains water repellency. Water "beading” on the surface indicates that water repellency works. The surface absorbs water, which indicates that the water repellency has been reduced or eliminated. 

Decking exposed to weather or in difficult conditions will require decking finish reapplication at shorter intervals than when it is protected. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparation and application.

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Decking oils contain UV inhibitors which can slow down natural graying. A colored decking stain can be applied to Timber decking that has turned silver-gray. This will restore the timber's natural gray color. Although spruce can still be grown under one roof it will take more time due to UV exposure.

The manufacturer will recommend a commercial deck cleaning product to clean timber that has become grayish or blackened from weather damage. 

This should include protection of nearby surfaces, equipment, and the time needed before the desired surface is applied. The manufacturer's deck cleaner is recommended.

Apply timber decking oil and stain in the same way as you did for the original coat.

Finishes should not be applied along the entire length or width of the timber deck. To avoid duplicate finishes, the gap between boards can be used to separate each run. 

This will prevent the look of a mosaic-like floor. You can protect the area below the deck with a drop sheet if you don't want excess drip.