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Effective Components Of Yeast Metabolites In Poultry

Growing demand for safe and high quality poultry products has led to a greater interest in growth-promoting feed ingredients for animal nutrition. Animals that evaluated the potential growth performance of yeast-based products for livestock have received considerable research. 

Studies have shown that supplementation with yeast culture (YC), improves animal nutrition, health, and can promote the immune system. Yeast metabolites in poultry feed may increase body weight, feed efficiency, and reduce abdominal fat in broilers. Because some metabolites found in yeast culture can be beneficial in stimulating bacterial growth and optimizing animal feed intake, it is important to examine the metabolites. 

yeast metabolites in poultry

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YC is a micro-ecological product which contains a mixture of yeast biomass and fermentation metabolites. It is mostly composed of yeast extracellular metabolisms such as peptides and alcohols. 

However, the composition of the medium changes following fermentation, and some viable yeast cells remain. Research has shown that YC's nutritional and health care functions are due to the fermentation metabolites. These growth factors include pro-vitamins, micronutrients, and growth factors that stimulate animal growth. 

The dietary YC had an effect on the growth performance of broilers. Yeast culture effects were not evident during the starter period. Feed consumption was not affected by dietary treatments. During the whole experiment period, no significant differences were observed in growth performance between YC-treated and control birds at 5.0 or 7.5 g/kg.