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Drawbacks Of Not Having A Credit Card

Credit cards are no longer a luxury these days. When traveling, you need a credit card to book flight reservations and hotel rooms. You also need a credit card to rent a car, buy gas, and buy products over the phone or online. The lack of credit cards certainly makes your life as difficult today as riding a horse and buggy. Without realizing it, credit cards have become a business-standard.

Credit cards are one of the fastest ways to build a credit history. If you applied for a credit card and don't have a history, you can contact the credit card issuer. These issuers specialize in providing credit card products to customers because they are still trying to determine or improve their creditworthiness. Apart from all these factors, there is also another positive point about a credit card is that now you can easily modify your credit card with several custom credit card designs. You just need to visit and make it possible for you.

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Loans are a necessity these days. These loan rates and terms are based on your credit rating which is easily available from credit bureaus across the country. If you have used loans wisely in the past and paid back previous loans on time, you are in an advantageous position. If not, the result is a more expensive loan with a higher interest rate.

Apart from the need to book flights and hotels, credit cards help credit cardholders in many ways such as:

  • Cashless transactions that avoid the risk of sending too much money
  • Interest-free loans from the time of purchase to payment
  • Cash at ATMs in case of emergency
  • The ability to buy things when there is not enough money
  • Instant credit sources available without filling out forms or passing additional credit checks