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Choose After School Programs In Australia

Studies have shown that the crime rate is most high during the after-school hours, between 2:30- 4:30 p.m. This means either your kids are out committing the crimes due to lack of supervision or they need to be protected from those who are committing them.

A safer environment for children to be in is some sort of after-school program instead of roaming around without adult supervision. You can also choose after school for your kid at

Programs with a group type of setting, with coaches or counselors, can encourage your children to participate in more structured activities. This is a good way to protect them and keep them out of trouble. This also keeps them from being bored.

One of the biggest concerns in today's society is obesity, especially among children. Many children do not stay active enough. Instead of playing sports or other forms of physical activity after school, they become couch potatoes. They are lounging on the sofa soda in one hand and junk food in the other.

They end up staring at the T.V. or computer for hours on end. Statistics say around 25-30% of our children between the ages of 19 and younger are overweight, and a good 15% of them are technically obese.

Joining after-school programs that involve physical activities will help your child shake off their laziness and keep them active. This will also take away their time of being hypnotized by the T.V. or computer games.