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Call Center Performance Management – Know The Quality Measures

The first call resolution is called one and done in call centers which are very critical and significant for the performance levels of an Outsourced Call Center.

The factors contributing to this performance measure are the team that handled the query, time of call, and nature of the query. You can also choose Call Center QA & Quality Assurance for Call Centers from Callcriteria.

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Rate of Transfer

The seamless nature of a process of a call center can be determined by the rate of transfer. How much part of the work was handled over or transferred to another team or person, also counts.

Communications Skills

How well-versed customer support executives are and how they behave with customers can either bog down your reputation or soar it above the clouds. This quality measure can be monitored through observance, reviewing the performance, and proper reporting channels.

Procedures Adherence

This helps to integrate value and customer satisfaction together. Your agents should be willing to stick to workflow and shifting of processes. Also, they should feel obliged to call scripts because they are the trademark of your call center and brand awareness tactic for your client.

Agent Occupancy

Agent occupancy is the time that an agent takes to attend to the customer as compared to the times he is not taking the calls. This is an important measure to check and oversee how your agents are utilizing the working hours.