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Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator – Avoid Staff Entitlement Confusion in Your Business

Everyone needs to be able to take time off for holidays and sick days, no matter if you are a daily recruit or a CEO in a family-owned business. How can you pay someone who is on maternity leaves? How about sick pay? 

These are common questions and can be answered easily if you are using the annual leave entitlement calculator. This software will show you who has taken how many leaves. To run your organization smoothly, you can check online for an annual leave entitlement calculator via

Holiday Rights

Employing someone who works full-time, for five days per week, they have the right to at least 28 days of holiday per year. This is just the basic entitlement.

Part-time workers need to have this calculated separately, taking into consideration how long they have worked for you and how many work hours each week. This can require a detailed understanding of worker rights and a head for numbers to calculate.

Sick Pay

Statutory sick pay is available to employees who are disabled or unable to work due to illness. The employer pays it and it can last up to 28 weeks. 

The standard rate of payment must be determined and eligibility is dependent on how long the employee has been. 

Small business experts say that calculating the statutory annual leave entitlements can be confusing for small business leaders.

Remember that an annual leave entitlement will be an expert in all matters relating to personnel and that it's worth getting this software for your company.