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An Obstacle Course for a Child Physical Activity

Setting up an obstacle course is a wonderful child's physical activity. An obstacle course can be installed with items you already have. An obstacle course is generally set up on your way, but can be a superb indoor activity once the weather is poor. You may check out to know more about obstacle courses for a child's physical activity.


To prepare an obstacle course, think about words like jump, jump, crawl underneath, climb up, walk along, head right, or go left. A child's physical action entails practicing gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Design the program by listing the skills which you need kids to practice. Eight to ten channels are a good number for school kids.

-Utilize the ladder flat on the floor to run

-Crawled under a table or broom hung between 2 seats

-Hop through hula hoops installed on the floor

-An obstacle-like measure involving 2 chairs at knee height

-Walk on the balance beam (4"x4" board)

-Weave in and out of rods made from PVC pipe inserted in sand buckets

-Squeeze through 2 objects so the kids can walk backward

-Throw the ball at the garbage heap

-Take an object on a spoon (water balloon out, small ball indoors)

-Jump 5 times with rope

-Bounce or dribble ball at the next channel (at least 5 times)

You can correct the physical activity of this child in line with the age, capacity, and number of kids in your class. Simplify the first obstacle course and gradually increase the difficulty of every channel.