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All About Artificial Intelligence And Neural Networks In Philippines

Artificial intelligence is nothing more than a set of techniques based on the behavior of a human brain, primarily in learning and making decisions. Living things are largely biological systems that learn, and based on that learning, they can make decisions that are usually based on survival.

Likewise, artificial intelligence systems require learning and decision making, but unlike biological systems, artificial systems operate based on mathematical algorithms, and training is induced for specific purposes. You can also get more information about artificial intelligence companies via

There are many categories in artificial intelligence, but in the case of intelligent computers, neural networks and genetic algorithms, among others, are most commonly used.

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The neural network is nothing more than an imitation of the nervous system of the brain, in which every element of the biological system is replaced by a mathematical equation.

Artificial neural networks can perform the same tasks as the human brain, tasks that cannot be performed by ordinary computers, such as image recognition, speech recognition, and decision making, etc.

An untrained neural network is like a newborn, so scientists have developed different neural network models, each with different skills and algorithms.

Currently, the use of artificial intelligence and neural networks is implemented in software that mimics the parallelism of a linear system of neural networks.