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All About Aluminum Fencing In Gold Coast

Metal panels and posts that frame a front yard today are most likely made of aluminum or steel. This gives the appearance of wrought iron, but for far less. Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for lightweight, durable fencing and railing structures due to its low density and resistance to corrosion.

An aluminum barrier in Gold Coast can be used for residential and commercial purposes. Pre-formed aluminum fences are available in many styles. Aluminum fence is easy to maintain, weather resistant and requires little maintenance. It is also more economical than similar materials like steel and wrought iron. Aluminum fences often have rackable panels. 

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The panels can rack from 4 to 24 inches depending on the brand. The size of the hole punched in the horizontal rails for pickets is what determines the amount of fence panels that can be rung. This allows the fence to adjust to your terrain, so there won't be any gaps on uneven or sloped ground. This fence will accept all grades except the most steep.

Aluminum fences come in many sizes and shapes. You can choose from many colors and have them powder coated. The powder coating is applied using an electrostatic process, and then cured under heat to create a smooth surface. Powder coating sticks to aluminum better than paint and other coatings. 

It can withstand extreme temperatures and cold. Its weather resistant quality leads many manufacturers to offer very long warranties, from decades up to "lifetime" for some brands. Most aluminum fence materials come in the form of rigid posts or rails, but there are also flexible options. There are many aluminum fences available, from residential-grade to heavy-duty industrial.