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Advantages of Strobe Lights

Strobes are a kind of flash bulb, mostly used by the police and security personnel. However, their use is not just limited to police cars, they are also used on fire trucks, tow trucks, service vans, utility vehicles and much more. These strobe lights which are mounted on these vehicles work like the flash of a camera. They power up and then quickly discharge their energy resulting in a bright flash of light. These lights are also used in various industrial applications such as dump trucks, forklifts, snow plows and mining equipment.

Stroboscopic light –

The flashing of these lights emits energy that ranges from 10 to 150 joules depending on their purpose and application. 150 joules of energy is enough to disorient an individual at a crime scene. Although strobes were originally intended to aid in photography practice, they are now able to be used during police operations.

Disorientation of a Suspect –

Through the suspect's eyes, strobes emit a flash of very intense light that creates a temporary visual effect. The visual effect causes the suspect to lose ability to react and adjust very quickly. The intensity, duration and duration of the light can all affect this temporary disability. You can adjust the frequency to suit your needs. These lights are sometimes called tactical lights.